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Case Histories: Xena

Featuring: Xena and Jordan Ashley
Date: October 25th, 2010
Duration: 18:54
The work of a human resources director is balanced on a fine line, one that must join the complexities and legalities of the corporate business world with the basics of often illogical and self-centered human behavior. Our case history enacted on video is the story of Xena, an attractive young woman, well-educated with a smokin' hot bod. Xena applies for a position of executive assistant at a large company where she is interviewed by the human resources director. The interviewer learns that Xena is a true go-getter, anxious to rise to the top of the corporate ladder and become a success. He and Xena use the latest principles of career coordination and strategic role-play positioning to determine what Xena will do to balance the emotional state of her supervisor who is having a difficult day at the office. Xena clearly shows over the course of this practice session that she can handily work under her boss, serving his needs in an efficient manner and in many different positions. This case history study proves that this capable young woman is more than qualified to be a successful apprentice. Out of the many candidates available for this position, Xena's job-seeking behavior places her at the very top of the hire list. The advantages of screening this video at human resource manager training sessions and at employment seminars: 1) It is a guide to how human resource executives should properly behave when interacting with well-built young female applicants during interviews. 2) It is recommended viewing for all female employment applicants in the proper way to behave with a male corporate interviewer or any male supervisor or executive.

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