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Busty Workin' Sista

Featuring: Stacy Adams, J.T., and Levi Cash
Date: December 2nd, 2016
Duration: 21:25
Driving around, JT brags about his latest sexual exploits. His buddy CJ gets an earful and admits that he doesn't get any pussy. JT will not stand for this outrage and demands that his friend let him treat him to a girl for 15 minutes. They spot Miss Stacy Adams on her turf looking to befriend lost men and provide them with her trained, expert consultation. Stacy and her new boyfriends head to a trysting area so they can discuss CJ's issues in detail. She gives CJ some head which gets JT worked up so both guys start fucking her. They take turns fucking her mouth and whore-cunt in as many positions as this kind, gracious lady will grant them for their dollars. Stacy jerks their cocks off, splattering her large ebony tits as a farewell gesture because she truly has a heart of gold. Her benevolence and kindness are a lesson for us all. .

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