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Reyna Mae In Tits On Top

Featuring: Reyna Mae and Jeremy Holmes
Date: May 26th, 2009
Duration: 26:17
"I was the most popular girl in school and I know it was because of my chest," Reyna Mae once said. Nothing wrong with that! Reyna Mae's hook-up of the day doesn't spend much time interviewing her for Tits On Top. Her immense jugs fascinate him more than her background. Reyna's the quiet type anyway. He rightfully spends some time fondling her luscious tit-meat before he yanks it out. He whips out a lady's disposable shaver and cream to clean off a wisp of pussy hair. Once Reyna's snatch has been de-haired according to her instructions, Reyna pulls off his jeans and strokes his shaft with her hand and between her jugs, then sucks and licks it slow, staring into the POV camera and taking her time. She climbs on board and bounces away. They switch to doggie and missionary, her boobs swinging and shaking with every thrust. "Jerk off on my tits," she says.

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