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Slam Jam Battle of the Buns

Date: June 19th, 2009
Duration: 25:12
It's Battle of the Buns in Chapter two of the BootyLicious movie Slam Jam! Ms. Juicy has the gloves on and declares to one of the BootyLicious producers that she's unbeatable in the ass department. She says that she's got something coming for her rival, Skyy Black. Her quivering butt is her weapon of destruction. Next we meet Skyy, who also has big fuckin' ta-tas in addition to her bootiful instrument of annihilation. You will be shocked when she slaps her ass cheeks together in a demonstration of heinie power. "I'm gonna fuck you up and then I'm gonna fuck you!" is the message Skyy has for Juicy! Their livingroom brawl turns into a smooch-fest and then a four-way on the couch when two cock-soldiers enter the room, stick their cunt-prongs in the girls' mouths and then in their pussies. Skyy demands her asshole be fucked so the men double-dick her in the ass and pussy. This scene in Slam Jam has incredible ass-gyrations and buttock-rotation from the fucked girls. The centerfolds grind those cocks like the Booty Royalty they are.

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February 14, 2012
These two girls are dyn-o-mite (JJ voice)

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