Lillian Faye In The Can Can Room

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Lillian Faye In The Can Can Room

Lillian Faye is one of the all-time slimmest naturally-big boobed girls to ever be in SCORE. Only a few others come close. A Ukrainian girl living in Israel named Mariana was nearly as slim as Lillian. Lillian's bod is perfect for corset wearing as well as corset training. She admires herself in the dressing room mirror before masturbating with a transparent jelly toy shaped in a series of balls. At one point, Lillian gets nearly all seven inches of it up her pussy. Very impressive! It was orgasm city in the SCORE dressing room that day! Read More »

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Featuring: Lillian Faye
Date: July 1st, 2010
Duration: 14:37

Member Comments

4 years ago 

Slim and stacked perfection...Lillian you always take me over the edge.

7 years ago 

She is just extremely beautiful and unique, that is why I do not understand why cameraman almost all the time is placing camera TOO LOW, always showing to us and recording models from a "FROM BELOW CAMERA ANGLE" or "FROM BELOW BOOBS CAM ANGLE SHOT" I mean that is a nice angle but what is NOT NICE IS THAT HE DOES NOT STEP BACK FROM MODEL elevating CAMERA TO A NORMAL HEIGHT SO WE CAN FINALLY SEE HER ENTIRE BODY AND NOT ONLY FROM A "FROM BELOW CLOSE-UP CAMERA SHOT" this is really annoying 95% of video in ALL VIDEOS is AMAZING STILL VIDEOS FROM 2017 ARE FOLLOWING THE SAME tendency only recording from below and super close to model never letting us to see the whole body because cameraman never remembers to step back from being too close to model, also he constantly keeps only with camera showing us the models from a FROM BELOW BOOBS PERSPECTIVE AND VERY CLOSE , the result is that footage is captured ONLY WITH CLOSE UP SHOTS + "FROM BELOW BOOBS SHOTS" NO MORE, it seems that that is the only technique he wants to use and completely forgot about RECORDING THE ENTIRE MODEL'S BODY also forgot raising camera from being TOO LOW to a normal height, he seems to be at the floor level with his knees on the floor, Please we do not want to see models only from that LOW ANGLE, and we do not want to see models only from close up shots, is like he does not want us to see the WHOLE BODY is not fair , there are members like me that we need to see the WHOLE ENTIRE BODY ON CAM FROM HEAD TO TOE, BOOBS HANGING FREE NO HANDS ON BOOBS, at least some seconds on video and at least 1 picture showing the full body front THANKS>......

13 years ago 

A feast for the eyes. Look forward to see more of her.

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