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Motel Voyeur Kitty & Natalie

Featuring: Kitty Langdon and Natalie Minx
Date: February 2nd, 2009
Duration: 19:05
At Motel Voyeur, guests check in for illicit encounters and they don't check out until they satisfy their carnal cravings. Their sex drives are high and they're compelled to act out their dirty, little fantasies. They have to meet in secret and cannot afford exposure. With curtains drawn and door bolted, Asian whore-slut Kitty performs an erotic dance in her sexy heels for Natalie. Natalie is a butch-dyke and dresses like a man. She loves submissive Asian whores like Kitty. Kitty sucks the black pumps that adorn Natalie's feet as a sign of obedience. Kitty is a total fuck-tramp in need of a controlling bitch. You can do anything you want to Kitty and she won't show you any rebellion. Natalie drills Kitty hard in her greedy cunt with a strap-on plastic cock, dominating her completely.

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