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Motel Voyeur Kitty Langdon

Featuring: Kitty Langdon and J.T.
Date: February 3rd, 2009
Duration: 23:34
Kitty enters a room in Motel Voyeur to vacuum but there's more about to happen than good housekeeping. Dressed as a hot maid, she stops what she's doing to masturbate. Her pussy is highly sensitive and Kitty is overcome with sexual need. Her hook-up, JT, sits quietly as she gyrates like an erotic stripper putting on a show for him. He strokes his cock as he watches. Kitty rubs her shoes on his crotch. She unzips him and lays on her stomach, heels in the air. His meat-snake looks good to her and she starts to jerk and suck it. She enjoys playing the little Asian sex servant. She can only get a few inches of meat in her small mouth but JT is patient.

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