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Kitana Meets The Porn Loser

Featuring: Kitana and Dylan Scott
Date: May 4th, 2009
Duration: 14:26
In this episode of Porn Loser, Kitana does what every other girl hasn't done. She bursts into laughter when she looks at his cock as she kneels before him. You gotta feel bad for the boob, even for a few seconds, because that's the worst a man can get, with the exception of a wrecking ball heading straight for his head. But he still manages to get the job done, except she keeps laughing, even when her head is buried in the pillow and he's fucking her from behind. Loser should have known during the interview. She's wearing a pentagram around her neck. Well, there's more chicks in the coop and they'll be nicer than this one.

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