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Rubbing Time With Katie

Featuring: Katie
Date: May 14th, 2009
Duration: 16:14
Katie was very open about her masturbating. Since she had already toyed her pussy with a big, thick vibrator in front of our cameraman, there was no real reason for her to keep her little secrets. "I try to delay my orgasms as long as possible unless I have to be somewhere or I feel that someone could walk in on me," said Katie. "I've masturbated to orgasm in my bed, in my bathroom in the tub, in my living room on the couch, in hotel rooms, in bedrooms in relatives' and friends' houses and in my 2nd-year university dorm room when my roomie was out. A couple of times we masturbated with toys in our beds, separately, and looked at each other as we did it, but then we both agreed that things were getting carried away so we stopped that. I usually have a vaginal orgasm with muscle contractions throughout my body but once in a while, I have a G-Spot orgasm. That's really great. I also like to have clitoral orgasms that radiate outward from my clit. My orgasms depend on what part of my body I use the toy on and what kind of toy it is. My average orgasm during masturbation lasts around six to ten seconds.

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