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Muthas Who Love Brothas

Featuring: Jennifer Janes and Jack Fantasy
Date: July 9th, 2009
Duration: 17:38
A tragic story but one repeated countless times over the decades. A white, middle-aged woman sexually inflamed by raging hormones is neglected by her wet-noodle husband. Desperate for pussy stuffing, she seeks satisfaction with black cocks. Such is today's case from the 40Something DVD Muthas Who Love Brothas, the story of Jennifer Janes. She bids her husband good day and promises him a fine dinner when he gets home. As soon as he leaves, a tall black man emerges from behind Jennifer's bed and they begin fucking. Jennifer is in love with his dick. She becomes his cunt-slave, begging for harder and harder thrusts in all positions. The woman is insatiable but our man is up to the job. He likes to make white bitches his fuck-dolls.

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