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Isis Haze Cums Clean

Featuring: Isis Haze
Date: July 3rd, 2009
Duration: 15:09
A SCORE shower video is near and dear to a breast-man's heart. It's good, clean fun and it really lets you check out a girl from head-to-toe. Isis Haze stepped into the SCORE dressing room shower and our shooter followed her in. Isis has a gorgeous body. No wonder she's a huge hit in the Madison, Wisconsin club she dances in. Turns out that the shower was only a prelude to more soapy tits action. One third into the video, Isis switches to the models' bathtub. She starts to get too horny for a girl without a man to grab and sit on so she takes things into her own hands, thinking about fucking one of her boyfriends. Isis is a natural in more ways than one. A lot of girls are very quiet when they do a video but Isis is a chatty girl.

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