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Gianna Rossi In Tit-Fuck Tryouts

Featuring: Gianna Rossi and Mikey Butders
Date: December 19th, 2008
Duration: 32:13
Gianna appreciates a man's hot pole sliding between her tits, filling up her drooling mouth and thrusting into her tight, contracting pussy. Because she's that kind of girl. The breast-maven's two female scouts approached Gianna and asked her to meet their boob-lord for a big-tit challenge. At first, she thought they were crazy. Crazy like foxes. She was on the dude like a true champion of chest as soon as she met him. After a slurpy BJ in his van, she returned with him to Tit-Fuck Tryout headquarters for the real deal..a nasty, hot fucking pounder of a bed breaker. Gianna is a total porn tit-slut who takes great pride in her fucking. Who will win the Tit-Fuck Tryout?

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