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East Meets Breast

Featuring: Diana Wynn and Kaiko
Date: January 16th, 2009
Duration: 19:20
Diana is British. Kaiko is Japanese. East meets breast in one small room when Kaiko greets Diana with a wake-up beverage. But Diana says she has a pain in her back. She was dancing and overdid it. Kaiko offers to soothe her aching muscles with an Asian technique she studied. She expertly lays her hands on Diana's body. There's no one around to remind Kaiko that the ass is not part of the back. That's fine because Diana loves the feel of Kaiko's hands all over her body. Kaiko pulls off Diana's shorts, exposing her bushy pussy and bushy ass-crack.

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March 23, 2013
Must agree with TyJack. These women are beautiful.Asian women are very hot! THANK YOU SCORE.
August 26, 2012
WOW . . . I LOVE Kaiko, she is so sexy and beautiful, as are all of the Asians ladies you have! They just turn me on SO much . . . I am a sucker for all of them!

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