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Cherry's Casting Couch

Featuring: Cherry Brady and Mike Brady
Date: October 2nd, 2013
Duration: 21:01
Cherry Brady is a Renaissance Voluptuous Woman. She's an all-American red-blooded, lusty, naturally busty redhead with a sharp and bawdy sense of humor and great self-confidence. She is a wisecracker and a wise woman. She loves using naughty words, when appropriate, of course. A collector of Voluptuous magazine before she decided to become a Voluptuous model and covergirl herself, Cherry is a man's woman. It's like she and V-mag were made for each other. She almost seems like she should have been an adult living in the 1950s judging by her taste in retro dresses, bras, swimsuits and lingerie and in pop culture and decor. She would have been a great burlesque star. Guys would have called Cherry a hot dame and spanked her round ass as she passed them by. She is unashamed about sex and nudity.

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