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Chelsie Meets The Porn Loser

Featuring: Chelsie and Dylan Scott
Date: April 27th, 2009
Duration: 18:28
The Loser acts like he wants Chelsie to NOT fuck him in this chapter from Porn Loser Volume 3. He needs mental treatment because she is a true beauty. Look at her face! Look at that skimpy outfit! She could be a beauty contest candidate. You tit-men might not be into her but you would probably not turn down a blowjob! And then he mentions payment, specifically $800., which is generally something that no one wants to get into during a scene because it's like thinking about how much you paid for a baseball ticket all day instead of actually enjoying the game and being in the moment. Asshole, don't talk money on camera. She's not a hooker. The Loser eventually screws Chelsie, a wailer and a yeller, and slimes her chin with his rancid ball-muck. Because he missed her face! Chelsie must have really wanted to get into porn to fuck this stupid bastard. We liked how she stared into the camera at times. Good luck, Chelsie! .

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