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Fucking Cassandra Calogera In The Garage

Date: January 15th, 2020
Duration: 20:45
Cassandra Calogera has the dirty job of cleaning out a garage. Fortunately, Cassandra has the good fashion sense to wear cut-offs and a crop top. It's hot in there and she's fuckin' hot! When you walk in, she decides she needs a sex break and you're the target. You lie on a floor mat so she can suck your huge boner, lavishing her pink, experienced tongue on every inch of your pocket-porterhouse. She takes her big, soft, fluffy chest cushions and squeezes your dick between them, tit-fucking you. Your excitement mounts as Cassandra sits on your cock facing you and rides, her tits slapping together from gravity with every down-stroke. Then she turns around and keeps fucking so you can enjoy seeing her ass shake and bounce as her cunt grips your cock, wet from her pussy juices. She sucks you some more, then gets on her back so you can stick it to her pink love-tunnel. Cassandra wants her big tits fucked and asks you to bang them. When a babe begs you like this, you've got to give it to her! Her tits were meant to be creamed by your spunk so seize the moment, SCORE Man!

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