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Butthole Fun With Carly Parker

Featuring: Carly Parker and Jarrod Steed
Date: November 25th, 2016
Duration: 15:15
Sex-bomber Carly Parker has prepared a delicious picnic spread in the backyard. But Carly is more interested in eating cock first before eating lunch. "You'll have to feed me first," she tells you. She unties her "Daisy-Mae" country girl blouse knotted in the front to entice you with her big tits. Food can wait if you have an open invitation from a hot dish like this! "Get over here," she demands. "Get over here and feel these titties!" Your cock turns into a rock as you reach out to touch Carly's big tits and stick a forefinger in her mouth to suck on. "Want me to shove it down my throat?" Does she need to ask? Not really, but you like hearing girls talk like that. Carly kneels to deep throat your cock and massage your balls. She is a great cocksucker. No wonder she's a top porn star.

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