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Muthas Who Love Bruthas

Featuring: Barbie Page and Asante Stone
Date: July 14th, 2009
Duration: 17:33
Barbie's on the phone at poolside when a delivery guy wheeling a keg decides to bend over and touch the water. Of course, the idiot falls in and it's Barbie to the rescue with a towel. He's lucky the keg didn't land on his skull. Of course, it's all a ploy since this is the fourth chapter of Muthas Who Love Brothas and this dude needs some white lady trim. They retreat indoors to her house where Barbie, a Milf sex fiend, confesses that she's never been fucked by a black man despite her age and experience and she wants to try, right now. You see, it pays to take a dive if you can do it without breaking anything. She greedily blows him in preparation for the main event. The noisy type and very thin yet flexible, she yells, screams and hollers as the delivery guy practically splits her pussy in every position they can think of. After driving her white ass into the couch, he pulls out and squirts over her tits and neck while she stares mesmerized at his pulsating meat spewing out the goo. Milfs are so frantic when they fuck, aren't they? It must be a hormonal thing when they get older.

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