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Maid For Creampie

Featuring: Bailey Santanna and Jack Spade
Date: September 7th, 2016
Duration: 19:29
Miss Bailey Santanna, "the world's greatest girlfriend," is working as a maid in an eye-popping maid's costume. She enters a guest's room not knowing he's still in the bathroom. About to change the sheets, Bailey finds a copy of Voluptuous magazine under the bedspread. A fine choice of hotel reading material for the discriminating breast-lover. Instead of doing her job, Bailey sits down on the bed and leafs through the glossy pages seeing which hot girls are in this issue. They are Bailey's peers. Bailey begins to touch her own beautifully shaped twin torpedoes that dangle over her top as she reads. She gives her pussy a feel and then pulls down her top. She tweaks her nipples, getting more turned on, quickly. Bailey begins a full-time spank session on the dude's bed when the towel-clad guest exits the bathroom and discovers this beautiful creature wanking off on his bed.

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