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Annie Swanson & Lilith's Nurse Threesome

Featuring: Annie Swanson and Joey Ray
Date: July 4th, 2018
Duration: 27:45
Annie Swanson takes a job as a nurse and finds that healing the sick and tending to their needs, such as washing their dicks and balls, performing prostate exams, giving them enemas and jerking out semen samples, brings her great satisfaction, especially if the patient is well enough to keep his dick hard. Annie has a special day because this particular patient with a head trauma doesn't really need a functioning brain to give her a good shag. The excitement level goes through the roof when fellow V-Girl Lilith, another well-rounded nurse also in search of sperm samples, teams up with Annie for a nice three-way operation. In fact, the patient's testosterone levels are high enough to service both of these big-titted, sweet-smelling delights. This is every male patient's hospital fantasy. We've set up many busty threesomes over the years and this Annie Swanson-Lilith sex party ranks as one of the hottest and horniest. Just another day at Hooter Hospital. The patients are eager to get in. With nurses like Annie Swanson and Lilith, who needs to recover?

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