Voluptuous Xtra #10

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Voluptuous Xtra #10

Now and then, SCORE exposes the truth about politics, business and other components of our society, raking the muck in search of justice and integrity.

In this scene, Angelica Raven, née Busty Becky, discovers the murky world of office politics in this sordid expose of American business practices.

Miss Raven is not the best of employees. Her attitude is poor; she's late all the time; she's out "sick" a lot; she spends all day on personal interests and her big tits and she doesn't get much real work during the day. Sound familiar? Do you work with a hot, busty chick like this? If yes, then tell her we want her to pose for SCORE at SCOREModelsWanted.com.

When Angelica gets called into the CEO's office, she knows what's coming. He goes on about what a crummy employee she is and then drops the F-bomb on her, telling the brunette man-killer that she's fired.

Angelica grabs him by his tie and pulls him into her big boobs, asking him if he's sure he wants to fire her. Now he's not… Read More »
Featuring: Angelica Raven
Date: January 23rd, 2013
Duration: 27:32

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