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Michelle And The Anal Meat Drill

Featuring: Michelle Honey and Carlos Rios
Date: February 18th, 2010
Duration: 19:17
Any day is a good day to sink your throbbing meat drill into busty Michelle Honey's pink pussy and tight brown-eye. The reason there are so many lawn care guys in California and Florida is because horny women stay at home and watch these guys mow the lawn, then they go inside and wait for them to follow and fuck the wazoo out of them. In Michelle's case today, the lawn guy fucks her in the wazoo also. And she pays him. Yeah, this fucking guy gets paid to screw her asshole! He's screwing her husband too and the poor schnook doesn't even know it. What do you think suburban women do all day when their hardworking husbands are out paying the bills? Watching Oprah and Tyra Banks on TV? Michelle is a woman of few words except for "yeah" and a lot of moaning but she sure knows how to maintain a good lawn. She even jerks him off for good measure. This lawn guy's got to hand it to her.

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