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First Class Ass: Kaleah Korrine

Featuring: Kaleah Korrine and Big Pike
Date: July 21st, 2009
Duration: 19:34
Kaleah's got a XXXmas present for her ass-kissing friend. That ass!! And the rest of her exquisite body. She sucks on his Xmas candy cane while she shakes her ass. He can't stop kissing and patting her rounded bubble butt. She blows his wick some more, making loud slurping sounds, then impales her pussy on his boner as he sits in the armchair of pleasure. He can't believe this beautiful morsel is riding his pecker. She leans forward so he can stare at her ass as he fucks her. They get on the floor and he pounds her from behind until he coats her booty with thick cream o' balls soup. Once again, this episode of First Class Ass offers mounting evidence that BootyLicious Girls fuck the best! So far, no one has offered compelling evidence to the contrary.

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