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Hayden: Bare & Busty

Featuring: Hayden
Date: August 27th, 2009
Duration: 9:29
Hayden is a California businesswoman and exhibitionist with a lusty interest in nude modeling, flashing and sexual pleasure. Voluptuous magazine was something she was well aware of because it's dedicated to women who look like Hayden. "Women dressing to reveal their boobs is about appearances," Hayden said, explaining her philosophy. "It's about not appearing to want the attention, which she really does. Women love to be appreciated and to be thought of as beautiful and sexual and all of those things. A woman who dresses like that is dressing for the attention. Now many women will say that they're dressing for themselves but I don't buy it. I think that ultimately they appreciate the glances that they get and to act disgusted is part of the game. Guys should look in a way that's not lewd. Look in a way that's complimentary so that you're not staring or gawking." Sorry.

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February 19, 2017
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