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Old School Porn Is Still The Best

Featuring: Dominique and Enzo Lorenzo
Date: August 5th, 2010
Duration: 19:08
The day after the first movie camera was invented, some enterprising producer was photographing a hot girl sucking cock and being fucked. Back then, such endeavors were done on the sneak but today in freedom-loving countries, the joys of photographing nookie are not as restricted as they once were, thanks to the early pioneers of erotic cinema. One of the things that hasn't changed much in over 100 years of horny entertainment is the theme of the woman at home alone in need of a service-man to repair her sink, refrigerator, television, window, etc. Once the repairman is invited into her abode, the housewife/divorcee/bachelorette/nymphomaniac proceeds to blow his toolbelt off. It is with immense pride, and encouragement from numerous pipe fitters and plumbers worldwide, that we continue with this great tradition in the story of sexy Dominique Perez and the big-dicked plumber. Enzo the hardworking plumber brings his large tool with him and proceeds to fix Dominique's sink problem to their mutual satisfaction. His work is guaranteed although Enzo's pipe itself springs a messy leak all over Dominique. Green-eyed beauty Dominique is so happy, she promises to call him first if she has any more plumbing needs and to alert her girlfriends of his reliable service. The spirit of quality craftsmanship still lives despite everything being made in China these days. "Old School Porn Is Still The Best" is practically a recruiting video for the plumbing industry.

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August 11, 2010
She is really hot. Really like the kitchen table scene.

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