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Crystal Gunns

"I was in upstate New York attending community college," Crystal Gunns said about her first time showing her body in a club before she became a photo and video model. "I had a girlfriend who had a nice car and money, and I asked her how she got all of it. We were only like 18-19 at the time, and she told me 'I dance.' I was like, 'What do you mean?' The first club I ever went to was The Blue Moon Lounge. She brought me there and I auditioned and danced. I think I made like $30 the whole night and I was so excited. Making $30 or $40 a night was a lot of money so it was great." That was where she met Cindy Cupps.

Crystal was a natural on-stage and even though she was not so sure about toying her pussy on-camera, she took to vibrators fairly quickly. She moved to Florida and thought about traveling and magazine modeling.

"When I was in Florida, I learned about feature dancing and decided that I wanted to do it. It's actually a funny story. Cindy Cupps and I were and still are friends.… Read More »

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Featuring: Crystal Gunns
Date: November 13th, 2013
Duration: 19:10

Member Comments

1 year ago 

One of the greatest dildo scenes ever in Score. I love crystal

1 year ago 

Fuck. She is so hot.

2 years ago 

For me, Crystal is as perfect as a woman can be!

3 years ago 

I totally love Crystal! Gorgeous face, body, boobs, pussy, ass and legs! For me, she is the embodiment of what a Score girl should be!

4 years ago 

I love her boobs and lick her pussy

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