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Christy Gets Railed

Featuring: Christy Lee and Talon
Date: April 17th, 2013
Duration: 29:34
Christy Lee was a 34-year-old Florida MILF and looked like Suzanne Somers with really big tits when we got her to do this hard SCORE video with porn stud Talon. It took a year after meeting her. Christy only wanted to do solos at first. She eventually phoned us when she made her decision to try hardcore and away we went. Talon is the brother of TT Boy, a prolific porn stud himself. They both fuck women like oil rigs drilling for petroleum. Christy didn't know what hit her but she loved every second. Getting fucked like this brings out all the hidden heat in a woman. Christy talks a lot when she's getting fucked which jacks up the smut level considerably. Girls who talk dirty are much more exciting to watch than a chick who just silently takes a pounding until the dude blows his load.

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