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Banging The Beauty

Featuring: Sasha Bleu and Juan Largo
Date: March 24th, 2011
Duration: 21:44
Sasha is 19 years-old, born in Las Vegas, lives in Miami and is a giggly, happy-go-lucky party girl. You know what that means. Clubbing at night, beach in the day, hanging out with friends, maybe Twittering and FaceBooking. None of this would be worth a shit to us but Sasha loves fucking too. And fucking. Fucking. Fucking. And sucking. The kind of girl who will fuck on camera for the kick of it just as she takes photos of herself at clubs with friends for the kick of it. Sasha has a sweet little body and long black hair.

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November 06, 2011
Pretty girl, nice body, nice natural tits, great cum shot

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