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Bar Room Butt Bouncer

Featuring Pleasure Mia
Date May 12th, 2011
Duration 14:46
Pleasure Mia's shift at the BootyLicious Bar is over. BootyLicious Bar is the place where everybody knows your game. Sexy and lovely Pleasure is the hottest waitress there and that's saying a lot considering all the hotties who serve up their wings there. The joint is a mess and Pleasure is in no hurry to clean it up and lock up for the night. Normally she'd make a booty call after work and get fucked but she's too horny to wait. She needs relief, now, bad. Pleasure calls on her favorite rubber ding-dong to do the job. She schlongs herself right on the floor. The bar manager is going to be whacking his junk when he sees what Pleasure was doing on his surveillance tapes. He'll wish he hadn't left the place early that night.

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