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Massage Parlor Whore

Featuring Olarita
Date May 14th, 2010
Duration 14:51
Sonny walks into a massage parlor in Soho and is eager for a rubdown. Olarita is handling the shop today and she's been eager to get her hands on a client for hours. Without kneading a cock between her soft palms, she feels her life is empty and directionless. These two were meant for each other on a temporary basis. Sonny will get more than a simple rubdown with hand lotion. He'll get Olarita's super-special deluxe happy ending. There's nothing better for Olarita than a customer with a thick pud. Once she lays on the hands, she can't help herself and has to have his junk in her drooling mouth. This girl is not a vegan. Sucking and licking is one of her sexual compulsions when faced with a boner and some time on her hands.

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November 19, 2015
I'm loving those huge set of tits on Olarita.
June 13, 2011
This is one of the hottest sex videos I've seen. Olarita's hairy pussy makes me crazy.

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