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SCORE Xtra 7: Nikki Diamond

Featuring Nikki Diamond
Date May 25th, 2011
Duration 24:05
40FF Nikki Diamond rarely opened her legs on camera for seXXX with dickers. She only did it twice, both times for SCORE: this scene from SCORE Xtra 7, and again in SCORE Xtra 9. Here, Nikki cums in a bang-up scene as she worships the thing that all women love besides credit cards. After seeing Nikki Diamond just playing with other females (pulling anal beads out of Tanya Danielle's asshole in Busty Auditions 2, fucking Dawn Stone with a strap-on rubber cock in Ultimate Dawn Stone, Nikki puts the FU in fun in her first hardcore scene that's raw, plotless fucking and sucking. Look how her pussy grips her partner's dick around the 17 minute mark, The lips extend out as he's pulling out then retract as it thrusts back in. It took a while for Nikki to cum around. She played well with girls and her love of the pink was renowned. Her sexing with Tanya and Dawn were excellent matches. But cock was a different story. Nikki wasn't so sure she wanted to put it out there even though she loves cock in her private life.

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