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Meet Lana Ivans, New SCORE Babe

Meet Lana Ivans, a hot new hottie. Lana has a gorgeous, busty body and she's ultrasexy as you will see in her very first video. 'I like to dance a lot, I like to flirt. I have fun flirting,' Lana says. 'My boobs are all natural. They look much, much bigger because I am slim. I keep in shape with a lot of sex. I like to ride on top. That is my favorite. I like to try new things. That gets me really, really excited.' Lana didn't get her tits from her family. No one is as busty as she is. 'I think it's a secret!' She did say while she was about to lay on the bed that she eats a lot of corn. Maybe that's it. No wonder corn futures are a good investment. Let's roll the video and thank...

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