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Jenny's A Lifeguard. She'll Rescue Your Load.

Jenny Lee's interviewer pegs her right in the first second of this video. She's a 'cutie.' A definite cutie bursting with girly-girl cuteness and happiness. Fresh, bubbly and nicely built. A wholesome face and a round, juicy butt. Real girlfriend material. She's a lifeguard from Miami, Florida, 19 years-old and also a coed. The perfect candidate to try to get naked. And she's very eager to please. Jenny tickles him with her use of the term 'fuck buddies' when she talks about sex. She doesn't need to explain the process to him but it's sexy to hear her talk about it in her wholesome way, like Gidget being unselfconsciously naughty. She chats about playing water volleyball with...

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