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Sexy Deanna Baldwin

Featuring: Deanna Baldwin
Date: December 26th, 2008
Duration: 19:52
"I'm Cherokee Indian and Italian and a little bit of English," Deanna Baldwin revealed in an interview. Before Deanna decided to take advantage of her fantastic body, she was a waitress. "I used to work at Hooters. All the customers would hit on me in their own ways. Some were coy, others were direct. I enjoyed the attention and I did well. All Hooters Girls do well. Then I got first place in an Amateur Night contest at Deja Vu after I entered on a whim. I don't know..I figured I might as well share the wealth! I just kept going and started to travel to clubs in different cities. It's not well known but there's an unorganized migration of exotic dancers around America, like Gypsies.

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