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The Busty Private Detective

Featuring: Christine Allure and Ted Hunter
Date: August 31st, 2016
Duration: 19:38
Sexy bra-busting model Christine Allure moonlights as a private detective. She exposes married men who cheat on their wives. She proves they cheat by actually fucking these men in hotels, then collects their semen samples on her tits as evidence. Ingenious, no? In this case extracted from Christine's secret files, she sets out to trap a cheater who's been screwing around on his spouse. She approaches him at a bar and lures him into picking her up. They head to a hotel where Christine uses her advanced investigative skills, such as sucking his cock hands-free, her tits dangling over him, and climbing on top of him and tit-fucking him. Miss Allure takes great satisfaction as he anoints her big hooters in a sticky load after pumping her cunt. Here's one cheater who will think twice before he spurts his goo on a strange hot blonde's tits. If you're married and interested in cheating, beware. Christine Allure, private detective, will nail your ass in court if she gets your case!

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