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Whore Warehouse

Featuring Sara Jay
Date January 8th, 2016
Duration 21:45
Sara Jay has few rivals in the whore world. She's well-respected in the jizz biz. Her huge tits and her unparalleled butt have made her a legendary hooter ho wherever she may roam. It's demeaning that she has to deal with assholes in business suits trying to bargain her price down in the street when they should be flinging thousands of dollars at her feet as a declaration of fealty. This cheap bum has to sneak Sara into an empty warehouse because he's too stingy to spend the money on a motel room. God forbid his wife should find a motel receipt in his pocket. When they prepare an old crate as a fuck altar, Sara renegotiates, remembering the words of the great philosopher Ken U. Popmanutz, "A stiff cock does not look at a price tag." Sara's trick fucks his brains out and explodes all over her tits, which Sara uses as an opportunity to get more cash. Chalk up another satisfied client for this smart slattern. These guys in their fancy suits are no match for warehouse whores. .

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Daily Admirer
February 11, 2016
Nothing like Sara Jay to pop your cock out and fuck!!!

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