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Sara Jay Meets The Swami

Featuring: Sara Jay and Talon
Date: July 17th, 2013
Duration: 23:48
Did you ever hear the story about Sara Jay and the Holy Man? SCORE filmed the encounter based on this true story. It starts off in a sacred ashram run by Swami Boobananda who has helped many a busty babe in search of enlightenment. "Oh, Swami Boobananda, I need your help. Please give me your special treatment. I'll pay anything you demand." So pleads Sara Jay to the mysterious holy man, Swami Boobananda. "My child, you need help," the Swami acknowledges. "I can treat you. I will absorb your negative energy through my palms. Are you ready? The price is $500. No refunds." Sara is overjoyed to learn of his powers.

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