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Balling Dr. Hills

Featuring: Haley Hills and Chris
Date: March 13th, 2013
Duration: 20:11
Haley Hills was one of the Florida-based SCORE magazine models to hang out at the editorial offices in the late '90s. Back then, their photo studio was off-site but they did have a series of SCORELAND video chats in the office during the early evenings. This was when video chats were in their formative stages. Alyssa Alps, SaRenna Lee, Connie Kline and many other locals and visitors dropped by for these fan events. Haley Hills did one of those video chats on November 12th, 1998. It's actually still archived at SCORELAND in the Galleries section along with some still-operational video clips of Haley and her dildo playing with her tits and pussy. SCORE veterans and newcomers can still check it out whenever they want to, a piece of SCORELAND and big boob history. As for Haley, the pretty, slinky blonde was a popular face in south Florida strip clubs as well as at SCORE for a few years before she retired from dancing and the adult scene. She was always nothing less than blisteringly hot and raunchy on stage or in a fuck scene and was famous with SCORE fans for her extreme flexibility. In other words, she is the kind of girl who inspires you to beat the meat.

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June 08, 2016
I need this kind of treatment, remedy or therapy, about thee times a day!!!
March 05, 2015
Oh Haley You are so beautiful and red hot sexy that you perform such an erotic video you make me so rock steel hard that my man tool just tingles,jerks and quivers by itself, as if it had a mind of it's on. I am not sure if those great big breast are enhanced or not but they are just wonderful and I wish I could lick and suck those erect nipples to make them as hard as my cock. I hope you are still making such hot video's now and hope to see you cum real soon. keep up the good work.
September 16, 2014
she is perfect and her acting is good too
April 20, 2013
Haley does inspire me to beat my meat.

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