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Dock Of The Boobs

Featuring: Erica Everest
Date: March 27th, 2009
Duration: 21:37
Erica Everest has the kind of perfect body that stops a straight dude in his tracks. It's a body that's built for sex and she knows it. We asked Erica to wear an outfit for this video that would torture a guy. It was easy for her to choose one because that's all she, baby-doll clothes and heels. We asked her about what she likes when it comes to the tube steak and she gave us some good info. "As long as a guy knows how to use it, penis size doesn't matter to me," Erica said. "I just like it when a guy who takes care of his body. Men hit on me a lot. Not because they know what I do so I really don't know why they do. It gets annoying sometimes but it's also very flattering.

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