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Boobs To Rejoice Over!

Featuring: Elaina Gregory
Date: November 1st, 2010
Duration: 11:13
Here is greatness! Here is breast heaven! Rejoice and give thanks. Elaina Gregory is the newest discovery to enter these hallowed halls of hooters. She has incredible, unbelieveably amazing hooters, all real and huge! We went crazy the moments we saw her. Elaina is a housewife who saw our ad. She knew she had what it takes and she had extra of that! Her hobbies are photography ("I'm an amateur photographer," says Elaina.), TV ("Bones is my favorite show.) and watching football. ("The Saints are my favorite team.") She wears a bra all of the time to support her fantastic treasures "except when I'm in the shower or sleeping." In this first video, Elaina impressed us to no end for a first time model. She's relaxed, sexy and comfortable. We have to wonder if she was practicing at home because she is sensational and a pleasure to jack to. SCOREVideos is very excited to introduce this boobtastic new star. You can see a short video of her with a SCORE editor on the SCORELAND Blog and more of her soon on XLGirls and SCORELAND.

What Members are saying about this update...

November 08, 2014
Amazing boobs. Elaina is delicious, I love her.
August 09, 2013
Elaine Gregory is one of the godesses who rule this
world.Every man should worship her and obey her.I am on my
knees in front of her and I am licking her feet
November 23, 2010
Elaine is kind of women. Ones with the big tits
November 06, 2010
Elaina Gregory is not only super busty but super built. If I had a woman like her, I would have no reason to even look at another women let alone cheat with them. Why? If you like a woman with incredibly huge breasts, a big ass, a very pretty face, on a thick yet quite curvaceous physique who is and knows she is the hottest thing around then Elaina is for you. Whoever is getting her on a regular basis is one damn lucky dude and I hope he realizes it and doesn't take Elaina for granted.

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