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Featuring Denise Derringer
Date April 20th, 2016
Duration 26:55
The plot of the SCORE feature movie Tits-A-Poppin' is a little complicated and not unlike a Twilight Zone episode. With a lot of fucking. The owner of a recording company gives his male executives a vial of liquid that gives them the telekinetic power to open a woman's top so that their tits fall out. And when a girl's tits fall out of their top, she naturally wants to fuck. Now the recording industry is packed with sexy hopefuls. Always has been, always will be. It's a never-ending parade, making it a fertile ground for bagging hot chicks. Denise Derringer from Texas and her Texas-sized boobs are here to audition for a contract. Denise is truly a charming country-western hottie and dresses the part for this meeting. Unlike the upstanding adult industry, the recording industry is rife with sleaze who make it a priority to try to fuck the female talent.

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